Dream Home Landscaping


b. 1986, HK.


Dream Home Landscaping’s approach is simple:
We help you create beautiful surroundings and are committed to nurturing and maintaining those outdoor spaces for the life of the garden.
We take pride in our superior design and installation services, where professionalism and practicality balance aesthetics and inspiration. Creating a truly spectacular garden is an evolving process and we are committed to the long-term care and refinement of our installations, making your outdoor environment ever more textured and luxurious. We invite you to take a look at some of the work we've done for others in the portfolio section of our website andhope that you will consider Dream Home Landscaping.

Jay and Samantha .jpg

Jay Ward Owner

Hi! I'm Jay, and this my beautiful wife Samantha and myself! I am a father of 3 boys and I'm a very active and  happy person. I am a surfer, a snowboarder, a musician, I am also a licensed pilot working on my instrument rating. I have been doing landscaping since I was 11 years old. I have owned Dream Home Landscaping since 1999. I have had my contractors license since 2005. I enjoy my profession and enjoy new challeges as bringing smiles to my clients faces.  

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Joshua Huttle Designer/Estimating

Josh is a Central Coast native and has over 20 years in the landscape industry. Josh has 2 boys and one girl and a beautiful loving wife. Josh is a avid cross fitter and a awesome DJ. Josh is a amazing landscape designer with ideas that will bring your dreams to life. 

Veronica family.jpg

Veronica Negrete Office Manager

Veronica is our Office manager here at Dream Home Landscaping. Veronica is a Mother of 2 daughters one of who is attending college and a son whom is a boxing champion here in California. Veronica is married and is a family oriented woman whom enjoys church and family. Veronica's duties include keeping me "Jay" from flying away and grounded. She makes all the schedules and appointment intakes. Veronica also handles all phone calls and is our first introduction to most clients. To say the least she is our heart and soul here at Dream Home Landscaping.

richards family.jpg

Richard Gauntt Construction Supervisor 

Richard has worked for Dream Home Landscaping since 2004 and brings ton of hands on construction experience and good old fashion elbow grease and a can do attitude to the table. Richard has done everything from building homes to managing store fronts to building freeways. Yes building freeways...... Richard is a father with one daughter and one son and a wonderful wife. Richard is the driving force behind Dream Home Landscaping's final product and the quality that is delivered every time.